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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 0.4pitch 128pin
  • L=20MM
  • 56UM
  • 500om
  • lcd 500gf/cm

Product Details

1.    Brief Introduction

Heat Seal Connector is a new conduction material, which can be bent at will. Its stable performance and easy-to-use features make it the best solution to connect PCBs and LCDs.  Also, for its unique conductivity and flexibility, it is widely used on computers, radio-recorders, telephone sets, rereaders, CD players, digital cameras, instrument meters, electronic clocks, etc.

2.    Electric Conduction Theory

By using high temperature resistant PET film as basic material, carbon paste, silver or silver and carbon paste mixture as electric conduction circuits, custom print the model numbers, and then overlay one film of special conductive glue with spread-out conductive particles. At last, heat seal it on the PCB or LCD’s electrodes.

3.    Technical Data

Conductor Resistance < 500 Ω/CM²

Adhesive Strength > 600g/ CM²

Temperature Endurance: -40ºC+80ºC

Temp.and Humidity Test: Place in H. 95%, Temp. 50ºC environment for 500 hrs without any change.

Heat Impact:  -40ºC +70ºC, circle for 10 times, without any change


4.    Operating Steps

a.     Cut the appropriate length for use and remove the protective paper.

b.    Put the heat seal connector’s conductive side to the PCB or LCD’s corresponding lead wires and stick them together.

c.     Prepare a heat sealer with constant temperature, pressure and timer. Install silicone film on the sealer.

6.    Important Notes

a.     Keep the sealing surface from vapor, blemishes, dusts, oxidants, etc, and keep it dry.

b.    Don’t remove the heat seal connector’s protective paper too early before use. Just to avoid it being contaminated or oxidated.

c.     Place the unit in a flush surface. Pay special attention to sealer’s press head that it should contact the connectors in parallel. Otherwise, it will cause uneven sealing.

d.    Please note that the pressure temperature refers to the press head’s actual temperature, not the heating element’s conduction temperature.

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