touch Switch

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Touch switch is another successful application of electronic instead of mechanical. The touch switch has no metal contact, does not discharge and does not ignite, which saves a lot of copper alloy materials, and greatly reduces the requirements for mechanical structure. It can directly replace the traditional switch, with comfortable operation, excellent feel, precise control and no mechanical wear. In consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, bathroom touch button application 2

Bath appliances, air conditioning and other household appliances, automobile anti-theft, LED applications, lighting applications, solar photovoltaic applications, sound, mobile terminal tablet computers, smart grid and other fields have been widely used, and the vast majority of products have been listed in ordinary people's homes. At the same time, the touch switch of samba has more humanized care. You can choose the text prompt on the switch by yourself. The personalized text label shows the effect of liquid crystal display. The crystal panel emits light, so that the night is no longer completely dark, enough to form a sense of direction and outline. At present, there are a number of multi touch applications and plans, some of which aim to humanize the operation, but the main purpose of this technology is to bring a new era of human-computer interaction.

Capacitive inductive touch switch is a new product of the development of science and technology. It is also a new generation of traditional mechanical button type wall switch. The touch switch which can realize more intelligent and more convenient operation has incomparable advantages over the traditional switch. It will be a very popular decorative switch for household products in the future.

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