touch Switch transparent capacitive

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Switch touch transparent capacitive

According to the switch principle, touch switch is classified into resistance touch switch and capacitance touch switch. Among various technologies, capacitance touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. In the key scheme, it can bring the overall appearance and grade improvement of the product.

The capacitive inductive touch switch can penetrate the insulating material shell for more than 20 mm (glass, plastic, etc.), accurately and accurately detect the effective touch of fingers, ensuring that the sensitivity, stability, reliability of the product will not change due to the change of environmental conditions or long-term use, and has the ability of waterproof and strong anti-interference.

The capacitive inductive touch switch does not need the human body to contact the metal directly, which can eliminate the hidden danger of safety. It can be used even with gloves, and it is more convenient to use because it is not affected by the change of human resistance in dry and humid weather. No mechanical parts, no wear, unlimited life, reduce the cost of later maintenance. The sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material), and can be easily made into a keyboard sealed with the surrounding environment.

The panel pattern can be designed as you wish, with the size and shape of the keys, characters, trademarks, perspective windows, etc. all of these can be matched. The appearance is beautiful, fashionable, colorfast, deformation free and durable. Samba company has fundamentally solved the effects that various metal panels and various mechanical panels cannot achieve. Its reliability and aesthetic design randomness can directly replace the existing common panel (metal keyboard, film keyboard, conductive rubber keyboard).

Widely applied

Sound panel, telephone control keyboard, instrument control panel, washing machine control panel, intelligent access control system control panel, various small household appliances (electromagnetic oven, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven...) It has covered almost all the application fields related to the control button operation panel, such as household appliances, handheld devices, industrial control, automotive electronics, products, etc.

Cost effective and safer

Pursuing win-win, the most competitive and cost-effective product, the industry pioneer of popularization and standardization of samba touch application

1: transparent key. 2: 0.3 thick film; 3: able to penetrate 3cm thick glass; 4: waterproof and durable; 5: low cost and good quality

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